Geisinger Courier Service

The GML Couriers

Ed HellerLed by Ed Heller (left), Team Leader, the courier team consists of 70drivers who are based in Danville or Wilkes-Barre.  Utilizing front wheel drive and all wheel drive vehicles, our couriers exercise safety and care, transporting your specimens in a timely, safe and efficient manner.

Communication between the courier staff and the Customer Support Dispatcher is carried out with state-of-the art dispatching software. 

When you require a pickup, this enables the dispatcher to send detailed directions and information from his PC to the courier who is on the road.

Courier Coverage AreaOur couriers participate in annual training for specimen handling, biohazard safety, defensive driving, and customer service.  The staff logs over 1.8 million miles annually on 45 routes.  These routes include scheduled stops and as-needed pick-ups totaling approximately 20,000 site visits per month.  Our couriers are courteous, helpful and always ready with a smile.


Courier Coverage Area (click on map to see larger image)



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