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On April 11, 2017, the units for reporting urinary protein results are changing to be consistent with national guidelines.  The change affects both the 24-hour urine as well as the urinary protein/creatinine ratio.               


Old units

New Units

Urine protein / creatinine ratio



Urine protein, 24 hour

g/24 hours

mg/24 hours


As indicated above, the results will be reported in mg.  Because we previously reported these test results in grams, the new numeric result will be 1000x higher (1000 mg = 1 gram).

For example, a spot urine protein/creatinine ratio previously reported as 0.11 g/g will be reported as 110 mg/g after April 11, 2017. It is important to understand that the units have changed, but the values are clinically the same 0.11 g/g = 110 mg/g. Because of the unit change, patient results from the old results to the new results should not be trended together without the performing unit conversion.

Additionally, the result comment clarifying a nephrotic range result has been updated (>3000 mg/g creatinine or >3000 mg/24 hours).

There are new codes as a result of this change:

  1. PRCRUB - Urine protein/creatinine ratio

    PROTU (no change)
    CREATU (no change)
    UPRCRR (this is the ratio)

  2. Urine protein, 24 hr is changed from test code PROT24 to UPRO24

Reference intervals are defined as <150 for both UPRCRR and UPRO24,

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