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MyGenVar Rapid Acute Leukemia Gene Panel, Next Generation Sequencing (RAMLGP, LAB6020) – New (In-House) test

  1. Indication: Rapid evaluation of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) at the time of diagnosis or possibly at relapsed/refractory disease to help guide classification and possible therapeutic approaches. 
  2. Somatic gene mutations in ABL1, CBFB, CREBBP, ETV6, FLT3, IDH1, IDH2, KMT2A, MECOM, NPM1, NUP214, RARA RUNX1 and TP53. 
  3. Preferred sample type: bone marrow (Bone Marrow Anatomical Pathology case); restricted to lab order only/pathologist 
  4. Turn-around-time (TAT): 3-5 workdays.  
  5. All RAMLGP’s will be reflexed to the MyGenVar Hematology Gene Panel, NGS for a comprehensive mutation analysis. 

If you have any questions, please contact Lab Client Services at 800-695-6491 and ask to speak with your Customer Support Specialist.

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