Geisinger Medical Laboratories: Customer Support

Darren SolesThe Customer Support Team, led by Operations Manager Darren Soles, consists of three separate areas of responsibility that work closely together to provide outstanding service

The laboratory professionals who staff these areas are Client Support Specialists, Client Services Representatives, and Off-Site Phlebotomy Staff.

The Customer Support Team also works closely with our GML courier network to meet the needs of our customers. Communication between the courier staff and the Customer Support Dispatcher is carried out with state-of-the art dispatching software.  When you require a pickup, this enables the dispatcher to send detailed directions and information from his PC to the courier who is on the road.



Client Support Specialists

The GML Client Support Specialists are trained medical technologists with a minimum of five years’ technical experience.  As a client, a client support specialist is assigned to you based on geography and practice type. 

The client support specialist comes to your office and trains your staff to use our services.   One of his or her most important roles is that of customer advocate.  Your client support specialist is your liaison with the laboratory for any issues or concerns.

Rose Bellis Kellee Corra Jamie Fredericks
Rose Bellis Kellee Corra Jamie Fredericks
Rheta Mullen Lynn Prebola Patrick Sassani
Rheta Mullen Lynn Prebola, Team Leader Patrick Sassani
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