Frequently Asked Billing Questions

  1. Is it an EOB or a bill? Billing Questions
  2. Will GML bill secondary Insurance?
  3. Is this bill correct?
  4. Why did I get two bills?
  5. Why are they calling me?
  6. What is this bill for?
  7. I did not go to Geisinger. Why am I getting a bill?
  8. What is a Medicare Advantage Plan?
  9. What is a Medicare Supplement?
  10. How do I pay a bill from Geisinger Proven Diagnostics?



  1. When your claim is processed, you will receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your insurance detailing charges and expected payments. The EOB outlines what your insurance will cover. This is not a bill. (top)
  2. If you have a primary insurance as well as a secondary, GML will automatically bill any balance after the primary insurance has paid to your secondary insurance. You will not receive a bill until both carriers have submitted proper payments. (top)
  3. If you feel there is an error with the bill that you have received, please call GML. The Client Services Representative will be happy to put you in touch with the billing department. Call 1-800-695-6491. (top)
  4. Certain laboratory services have both a technical and professional component. The technical component accounts for the processing and testing materials used, while the professional component is the pathologist's interpretation of the results. (top)
  5. If you receive a call from one of the GML Insurance Specialists, it is because we are missing necessary information to process your claim accurately. (top)
  6. If you receive a bill and do not understand it, it may be due to copays, deductibles or balances not covered by your insurance. Patients will be responsible for copays, deductibles or balances not covered by their insurance. (top)
  7. Your physician requested that your lab work be sent to GML for processing. That's why you received a bill from us.  (top)
  8. When a patient is eligible for Medicare, they have the option to have a Medicare Advantage Plan. When this option is selected, the Advantage Plan is now the patient's primary insurance coverage and replaces the patient's traditional Medicare A & B. The patient should no longer have a Traditional Medicare A & B Card. (top)
  9. When a patient is eligible for Medicare, her or she has the option to have supplemental insurance for gap coverage. When a patient has Medicare as well as any supplemental products, Medicare is primary, and the supplement is always the secondary coverage. (top)
  10. You can pay your GEISINGER PROVEN DIAGNOSTICS bill by placing your payment and the tear-off remittance form at the bottom of your bill in the envelope that came with the bill, and mailing it to us at the address on the remittance form. Please make your payment to "Geisinger Proven Diagnostics."

    You can also pay your bill by credit card using VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS.

    There are three ways to pay by credit card:

    1. You can provide your credit card information and signature on the tear off remittance form at the bottom of your Geisinger Proven Diagnostics bill and mail the remittance form to us at the address on the remittance form, OR;

    2. You can call our Patient Billing Department at 1-866-621-5234, and provide this information to us over the phone. We will be happy to process the charge for you.

    3. You can pay your bill online by going to
      Payment can be made by credit card, or direct from your checking account.
    . (top)
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