Educational Opportunities at Geisinger Medical Laboratories

Sarah Monaco, Program Director
Sarah Monaco, MD
Program Director

Cytopathology Fellowship

Geisinger's Cytopathology Fellowship is one-year, ACGME-approved program providing in-depth training in diagnostic cytopathology. Geisinger offers a unique multidisciplinary, subspecialty clinic environment that values and strongly supports the practice of cytopathology. For complete information, please see Geisinger's Cytopathology Fellowship.

Tammie Ferringer, MD
Program Director

Dermatopathology Fellowship

This one-year fellowship is ACGME-accredited and applicants must be board-eligible or board-certified in dermatology or pathology.
The primary goal of the fellowship is the provision of comprehensive training in dermatopathology as well as training in surgical pathology (for fellows with a dermatology background) or clinical dermatology (for fellows with a pathology background). For complete information, please see Geisinger's Dermatopathology Fellowship.

Zachary Hoffer, MD, PhD
Program Director

Pathology Residency

Geisinger’s Division of Laboratory Medicine is pleased to announce the reestablishment of its ACGME accredited residency with its new and unique AP/CP curriculum beginning July 2018. Our program is designed to prepare pathologists to function as diagnosticians and diagnostic consultants in the context of modern multidisciplinary practice. Moreover, it will prepare them for laboratory leadership roles, providing exposure to management experiences in our multihospital laboratory system. Since the practice of pathology and healthcare in general is more and more dependent upon informatics skills, special emphasis is also given to informatics training. For more information, please see Geisinger's Pathology Residency.

Marianne Downes, PhD
Program Director

Geisinger School of Medical Laboratory Science

Ever wonder what happens after a blood, urine or swabbed sample is collected for medical diagnostic testing? It’s analyzed by a medical laboratory scientist trained specifically in the method of testing needed to provide diagnostic information to medical care providers so they can determine treatment care plans for patients.  Gain the skills you need to be a qualified laboratory professional at Geisinger's School of Medical Laboratory Science.

Terri McElhattan, Program Director

Terri McElhattan,MHA, MT, PBT (ASCP) CPI (ACA)
Program Director & Instructor

Geisinger School of Phlebotomy

This program is designed to include all aspects of phlebotomy (the collection of blood from patients to obtain specimens for medical laboratory testing), as well as an introduction to the major sections within the laboratory (for example, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, serology). This program includes classroom lectures (didactic) and clinical components, including a student laboratory and a clinical rotation. For more details, see Geisinger School of Phlebotomy.

Other educational opportunities at Geisinger.






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