The toxicology section offers urine drug testing, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) testing, toxic alcohols testing, and lead testing to support multiple specialties. Urine drug testing is used to detect unprescribed or illicit drug use as well as monitoring adherence to prescribed controlled substances. Geisinger offers both urine drug screen and confirmation tests, and has decision support testing strategy designed for opioids and benzodiazepines compliance monitoring for pain management programs. TDM helps clinicians determine the concentration of drug/drug metabolite in blood at timed intervals to establish correct dosage and yield optimum therapeutic outcomes. Geisinger’s TDM test menu includes but is not limited to immunosuppressants, antiepileptics, antibiotics, bronchodilators, and psychiatric drugs.

Dr. Elsie YuDirector: Hoi-YingElsie Yu, PhD, DABCC, FAACC

Dr. Margaret LoSheng-Ying (Margaret) Lo, PhD, DBACC


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