How to Submit a Specimen to Geisinger Medical Laboratories

All specimens submitted to GML must be properly labeled with the following:

1. Patient's name (first and last)
2. Unique identifier (medical record number, social security number, etc.)
3. Name and location of person completing requisition
4. Date and time of collection

How to add or cancel a test.

Test requisitions or manifests must include:

1. Required patient demographic information (complete name, date of birth, sex)
2. Client account number and name
3. Required clinical information.
4. Phlebotomist's initials
5. Tests to be performed
6. Requesting physician

NOTE: Additional information for billing may be required. Please see Required Billing and Insurance Information.

In order to ensure optimum integrity of patient specimens, clients should follow the specimen processing and pre-transport storage guidelines outlined in the test catalog. GML takes great care to maintain the conditions of storage throughout transport and distribution to the analyzing laboratory.

Clients will be notified of inappropriately labeled specimens and specimens which are judged unsuitable for analysis. The specimens will be returned at the client's request.

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