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Specimen type:
Preferred collection container:
Alternate Collection Container:
6 mL red-top (plain, non-serum separator) tube
Specimen required:
0.3 mL aliquot of serum per allergen; minimum 0.15 mL.
Special notes:
See reference information for complete list of allergens. Collection of more than one tube may be required. If drawing specimen into microcollection tubes, contact lab for calculation of number of microcollection tubes required based on number of allergens to be tested.

Specimen processing instructions:
Allow to clot. Centrifuge and submit 0.3 mL aliquot of serum per allergen. 
Transport temperature:
Refrigerated (preferred) or frozen.
Specimen stability:
Stable seven (7) days at 2-8°C or six (6) months at -20°C.
Rejection criteria:
Stability exceeded; lipemic, icteric, or hemolyzed specimen.

Interpretation guide:
<0.10 kUa/L - Class 0 Allergen: Absence of Allergen Specific IgE
0.10-0.34 kUa/L - Class 0/1 Allergen: Low Level of Allergen Specific IgE
0.35-0.69 kUa/L - Class 1 Allergen: Low Level of Allergen Specific IgE
0.70-3.49 kUa/L - Class 2 Allergen: Moderate Level of Allergen Specific IgE
3.50-17.49 kUa/L - Class 3 Allergen: High Level of Allergen Specific IgE
17.5-49.99 kUa/L - Class 4 Allergen: Very High Level of Allergen Specific IgE
50.0-99.99 kUa/L - Class 5 Allergen: Very High Level of Allergen Specific IgE
>=100 kUa/L - Class 6 Allergen: Very High Level of Allergen Specific IgE
Additional information:
Geisinger Allergy Panels.
CPT code(s):
Note: The billing party has sole responsibility for CPT coding.  Any questions regarding coding should be directed to the payer being billed.  The CPT codes provided by GML are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only.
Test includes:

Tests Performed at GMC

Orderable Procedure Epic Test Code Synonym
Allergen Acremonium Kiliense IgE LAB3702 M202
Allergen Almond IgE LAB1553 F20
Allergen Alternaria IgE LAB1554 M6
Allergen Apple IgE LAB1556 F49
Allergen Aspergillus IgE LAB1557 M3
Allergen Bakers Yeast IgE LAB1558 F45
Allergen Banana IgE LAB1559 F92
Allergen Beech IgE LAB1560 T5
Allergen Beef IgE LAB1561 F27
Allergen Bermuda Grass IgE LAB1562 G2
Allergen Birch IgE LAB1563 T3
Allergen Blue Mussel IgE LAB1647 F37
Allergen Box Elder Maple IgE LAB1565 T1
Allergen Brazil Nut IgE LAB1566 F18
Allergen Cacao IgE LAB1569 F93
Allergen Candida Albicans IgE LAB1570 M5
Allergen Carrot IgE LAB1571 F31
Allergen Cashew Nut IgE LAB1573 F202
Allergen Cat Dander IgE LAB1574 E1
Allergen Chicken Meat IgE LAB1579 F83
Allergen Cladosporium IgE LAB1581 M2
Allergen Clam IgE LAB1582 F207
Allergen Cocklebur IgE LAB1583 W13
Allergen Cockroach IgE LAB1584 I6
Allergen Coconut IgE LAB1585 F36
Allergen Codfish IgE LAB1586 F3
Allergen Common Ragweed IgE LAB1589 W1
Allergen Corn IgE LAB1590 F8
Allergen Cottonwood IgE LAB1591 T14
Allergen Crab IgE LAB1593 F23
Allergen Dog Dander IgE LAB1597 E5
Allergen Egg White IgE LAB1601 F1, yolk
Allergen Elm IgE LAB1603 T8
Allergen English Plantain IgE LAB1604 W9
Allergen F. Moniliforme IgE Lab3578 M9
Allergen Gluten IgE LAB1616 F79
Allergen Guinea Pig Epithelium IgE LAB1622 E6
Allergen Hazelnut IgE LAB1625 F17
Allergen Helminthosporium IgE LAB1627 M8
Allergen Honeybee Venom IgE LAB1628 I1
Allergen Horse Dander IgE LAB1629 E3
Allergen June Grass IgE LAB1633 G8
Allergen Kiwi Fruit IgE LAB1634 F84
Allergen Lamb's Quarter IgE LAB1635 W10
Allergen Latex IgE LAB1636 K82
Allergen Lobster IgE LAB1640 F80
Allergen Macadamia Nut IgE LAB3560 RF345
Allergen Milk IgE LAB1643 F2, Casein
Allergen Mite-Farinae IgE LAB1644 D2
Allergen Mite-Pteronyssiunus IgE LAB1645 D1
Allergen Mucor Racemosus IgE LAB1648 M4
Allergen Mugwort IgE LAB1649 W6
Allergen Oak IgE LAB1653 T7
Allergen Oat IgE LAB1654 F7
Allergen Orange IgE LAB1656 F33
Allergen Orchard Grass IgE LAB1657 G3
Allergen Oyster IgE LAB1658 F290
Allergen Paper Wasp Venom IgE LAB1659 I4
Allergen Peach IgE LAB1660 F95
Allergen Peanut IgE LAB1661 F13
Allergen Pecan Hickory IgE LAB1662 T22, Shagbark
Allergen Pecan Nut IgE LAB1663 F201
Allergen Penicillium Notatum IgE LAB1665 M1
Allergen Pigweed IgE LAB1666 W14
Allergen Pineapple IgE LAB1667 F210
Allergen Pistachio IgE LAB1668 F203
Allergen Pullularia IgE LAB1670 M12
Allergen Rabbit Epithelium IgE LAB1671 E82
Allergen Red Cedar IgE LAB3559 RT57
Allergen Rhizopus Nigricans IgE LAB3695 M11
Allergen S. Botryosum IgE LAB3753 M10
Allergen Salmon IgE LAB1675 F41
Allergen Scallop IgE LAB1676 F338
Allergen Sesame Seed IgE LAB1678 F10
Allergen Sheep Sorrel IgE LAB1679 W18
Allergen Shrimp IgE LAB1681 F24
Allergen Soybean IgE LAB1682 F14
Allergen Strawberry IgE LAB1684 F44
Allergen Sunflower Seed IgE LAB1685 K84
Allergen Sycamore IgE LAB1687 T11
Allergen Timothy Grass IgE LAB1688 G6
Allergen Tomato IgE LAB1689 F25
Allergen Tuna IgE LAB1691 F40
Allergen Walnut IgE LAB1694 F256
Allergen Walnut Tree IgE LAB1695 T10
Allergen Wheat IgE LAB1699 F4
Allergen White Ash IgE LAB1700 T15
Allergen White Hornet Venom IgE LAB1702 I2
Allergen White Potato IgE LAB1703 F35
Allergen Yellow Hornet Venom IgE LAB1705 I5
Allergen Yellow Jacket Venom IgE LAB1706 I3

Tests performed at Quest

Orderable Procedure

Epic Test Code

Alder (T2) IgE LAB3765
Alpha-Lactalbumin (F76) IgE LAB3699
Amoxicillin (C6) LAB3747
Apricot (F237) IgE LAB3694
Artichoke IgE LAB1361
Asparagus (Rf261) IgE LAB3762
Avocado (F96) IgE LAB3564
Bahia Grass (G17) IgE LAB3761
Barley (F6) IgE LAB3581
Basil (Rf269) IgE LAB3553
Bay Leaf (Larus Nobilis) IgE LAB3692
Bean Black (Phaseolus Spp) IgE* LAB1172
Beetroot (Beta Vulgaris) (F319)IgE LAB3757
Beta-Lactoglobulin (F77) IgE LAB3700
Black Pepper (F280) IgE LAB1564
Blackberry(F211) IgE LAB3691
Blueberry (Rf288) IgE LAB3569
Buckwheat (F11) IgE LAB3705
Carmine/Red Dye Cochineal Extract (F340) IgE LAB3557
Cauliflower(Rf291) IgE LAB3752
Celery (F85) IgE LAB1575
Cherry (F242) IgE LAB1577
Chick Pea (F309) IgE LAB1155
Chicken Feathers (E85) IgE LAB1578
Chili Peper (F279) IgE LAB3577
Cinnamon (Rf220) IgE LAB3575
Cockatiel Feathers IgE LAB1255
Coriander/Cilantro (F317) IgE LAB3688
Cranberry(Rf341) IgE LAB3751
Cucumber (F244) IgE LAB3703
Curry (Rf281) IgE LAB3555
Dandelion (W8) IgE LAB1596
Dill (Rf277) IgE LAB3552
Duck Feathers (E86) IgE LAB1599
Eggplant, IgE LAB3742
Epicoccum Purpurascens (M14) IgE LAB1156
False Ragweed (W4) IgE LAB3698
Flaxseed/Linseed IgE LAB3690
Galactose-Alpha-1,3-Galactose (Alpha-Gal) IgE LAB1175
Garlic (F47) IgE LAB1606
Gelatin Bovine(C74) IgE LAB3759
Gelatin Porcine IgE LAB3764
Ginger (F270) IgE LAB3562
Goose Feathers (E70) IgE LAB1618
Grape (F259) IgE LAB1619
Grapefruit (F209) IgE LAB3696
Green Bean (F315) IgE LAB3583
Gulf Flounder (Rf147) IgE LAB3568
Gum Xantham IgE LAB3580
Haddock, IgE LAB1623
Halibut (Rf303) IgE     LAB3768
Hamster Epithelium (E84) IgE LAB1624
Hazel Nut Tree (T4) IgE LAB1626
Horseradish (Armoracia Rusticana/A. Lapathifolia) IgE LAB1301
Japanese Cedar (T17) IgE     LAB3770
Lentils (F235) IgE LAB3574
Lime(Rf306) IgE LAB3745
Mango (F91) IgE LAB3707
Mint (Mentha Piperita) (F332) IgE LAB3704
Mosquito (I71) IgE LAB3554
Mountain Cedar (T6) IgE LAB1274
Mushroom (Rf212) IgE LAB3706
Octopus (F59) IgE LAB1275
Onion (F48) IgE LAB1655
Oregano (Rf283) IgE LAB3551
Ovalbumin (F232) IgE LAB1278
Ovomucoid (F233) IgE LAB1192
Paprika/Sweet Pepper(F218) IgE LAB3582
Parsley (F86) IgE LAB3686
Passion Fruit (Rf294) IgE LAB1279
Pea (F12) IgE LAB1621
Pear (F94) IgE LAB3573
Pepper Cayenne IgE LAB3570
Perch Ocean IgE      LAB3769
Pine (Rt213) IgE LAB1286
Pine Nut (Rf253) IgE LAB3550
Plum (F255) IgE LAB1669
Poplar White (Populus Alba) IgE LAB1025
Poppy Seed (Rf224) IgE LAB3680
Pork (F26) IgE LAB3579
Pumpkin (F225) IgE LAB1150
Pumpkin Seed (F226) IgE LAB3681
Quinoa (F374) IgE LAB3683
Rape Seed (RF316) IgE LAB3682
Raspberry (Rf343) IgE LAB3561
Red Kidney Bean (Rf287) IgE LAB3523
Rice (F9) IgE LAB1672
Rough Marsh Elder (W16) IgE   LAB3766
Russian Thistle (W11) IgE LAB3758
Squash Summer,IgE LAB3743
Squid (Rf258) IgE LAB1189
Sugar Cane IgE LAB3754
Sweet Gum (Rt211) IgE LAB3572
Sweet Vernal Grass (G1) IgE LAB3571
Swordfish (Rf312) IgE LAB3746
Tarragon(F272) IgE LAB3687
Tea (Rf222) IgE LAB3563
Thyme (Rf273)  IgE LAB3685
Tilapia IgE LAB1213
Trout (F204) IgE LAB3697
Turmeric (Curcuma Long) IgE LAB3689
Vanilla (Rf234) IgE LAB3760
Venison IgE LAB3763
Watermelon (RF329) IgE LAB1696
Whey, Rast LAB3566
White Mulberry (T70) IgE LAB3756
White Pine(T16) IgE LAB3750
Yellow Dock Weed (Rw23) IgE LAB4287
Zucchini IgE LAB3679
Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)
Allergen testing
Allergy , specific IgE
Clinical significance:
Many allergies are mediated by immunoglobulins of the IgE class. In vitro allergen-specific IgE tests can help the physician identify the allergen (or allergens) to which an individual is sensitive.
Doctoral Director(s:)
Hoi-Ying Elsie Yu PhD, DABCC, FADLM    
Review Date: 12/13/2022

Performing Locations

Geisinger Medical Center

Performing laboratory: Immunology
Technical Lead: Kathy Hurst
Frequency: Five days a week, 1st shift.
Performed STAT? No

Quest Diagnostics

Technical Lead: Michael Weaver    
Frequency: Tests are set-up Monday-Friday. Reports available: 3-4 days.    
Performed STAT? No
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