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Geisinger Epic Procedure Code: LAB2218             Geisinger Epic ID: 44088

Specimen type:
Vesicular or ulcerative lesions, or stool collected in a UTM medium. Alternate specimen type: Rectal Swab in UTM
Preferred collection container:
Specimen required:
3 mL (1 mL minimum) vesicular or ulcerative lesions, or stool collected in a UTM medium.
Special notes:
Check expiration date on transport device before use. Use Dacron-tipped, plastic shafted swabs only. Do not use wood or cotton swabs. Use UTM for all specimen types. Break or bend swab to fit inside UTM tube. Refrigerate 2-8°C and transport refrigerated (cold packs). Please note collection date and time on all requests. Refrigerate (2-8°C) specimen/UTM collection tube immediately after collection.

Transport temperature:
Specimen stability:
Room temperature: Unacceptable. Refrigerated: 4 days. Frozen -20° C: Unacceptable. Frozen -70° C: 30 days
Rejection criteria:
*Respiratory samples no longer acceptable*. Formalin or other fixatives; nucleic acid transport systems; whole blood; bone marrow; serum; plasma; dry swabs.

CPT code(s):
Note: The billing party has sole responsibility for CPT coding.  Any questions regarding coding should be directed to the payer being billed.  The CPT codes provided by GML are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only.
Test includes:
Enterovirus culture.
Centrifuge-enhanced Culture
Immunfluorescent stain
Quest test code 2647
Clinical significance:
Enteroviruses are among the most common viruses infecting humans and are associated with diverse clinical syndromes ranging from minor febrile illness to severe, potentially fatal conditions (e.g., aseptic meningitis, encephalitis, paralysis, myocarditis, and neonatal enteroviral sepsis) and could be linked with the development of some chronic diseases (e.g., type 1 diabetes and dilated cardiomyopathy). Each year, an estimated 10 to 15 million symptomatic Enterovirus infections occur in the United States.

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Technical Lead: Michael Weaver    
Frequency: Set up: Daily. Report available: 8 days    
Performed STAT? No
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