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Geisinger Epic Procedure Code: LAB2574             Geisinger Epic ID: 7184

Specimen type:
Whole Blood
Preferred collection container:
Alternate Collection Container:
Lavender-top (K2 EDTA) microcollection tube
Specimen required:
Preferred specimen is a 3 mL EDTA lavender-top tube. One EDTA lavender-top microcollection tube is acceptable for difficult draws. Minimum acceptable will be 250 uL (microcollection tube has lines to indicate the 250 and 500 uL volumes).

Specimen processing instructions:
Do not centrifuge. 
Transport temperature:
Refrigerated (preferred) or room temperature.
Specimen stability:
Specimen stable for two weeks if refrigerated.
Rejection criteria:
Frozen, clotted, hemolyzed, or centrifuged specimen.

Reference interval:
Interpretation guide:
Rh Immunoglobulin Dosing
0.0-0.2 1 300 1500
0.3-0.8 2 600 3000
0.9-1.4 3 900 4500
1.5-2.0 4 1200 6000
2.1-2.6 5 1500 7500
> 2.6 Unable to correlate results with table. Please call Director of Transfusion Services for advice.
CPT code(s):
Note: The billing party has sole responsibility for CPT coding.  Any questions regarding coding should be directed to the payer being billed.  The CPT codes provided by GML are based on AMA guidelines and are for informational purposes only.
Test includes:
Percent of fetal red cells, recommended RhoGAM dosages.
Acid elution test
Kleihauer-Betke Stain, Fetaldex, test for fetomaternal hemorrhage, FETAL HGB RBC STAIN (Kleihauer Betke), FHGBS, Fetal Hemorrhage, count, Hemorrhage, Hemoglobin, Fetomaternal
Clinical significance:
Used to detect fetal hemoglobin (hemoglobin F) and dose Rh immunoglobulin in Rh negative women with a positive fetal hemoglobin screen. Elevated hemoglobin F levels occur from fetomaternal hemorrhage, hemoglobinopathies (sickle cell disease, hereditary persistence of hemoglobin F, etc.) or in patients taking medications that increase hemoglobin F production (hydroxyurea, etc.).
Doctoral Director(s:)
Mary Dhesi MD    
Review Date: 01/25/2023

Performing Locations

Geisinger Medical Center

Performing laboratory: Hematology
Technical Lead: Margaret Knowles-Tuchman
Frequency: 1
Performed STAT? No

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center

Performing laboratory: ATL+
Technical Lead: Jessica Kopeck    
Frequency: Daily, all shifts    
Performed STAT? Yes

Geisinger Community Medical Center

Performing laboratory: Hematology
Technical Lead: Robert Furcon  
Frequency: Daily    
Performed STAT? Yes

Geisinger Lewistown Hospital

Performing laboratory: Hematology
Technical Lead: Melissa Cramer  
Frequency: Daily    
Performed STAT? Yes
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