Geisinger Medical Laboratories Microbiology Specimen Collection Instructions


Conjunctival specimens can only be tested for C. trachomatis; not acceptable for N. gonorrhoeae testing. Order and collect culture for N. gonorrhoeae testing.

  1. If pus or discharge is present, use a sterile Dacron swab (not provided) to clean the area. Do not scrape the conjunctiva while cleaning the eye(s).   Discard the cleaning swab.
  2. If both eyes are affected, swab the least-affected eye first or collect separate specimens on each eye.
  3. Thoroughly swab the lower, then the upper conjunctiva two to three times each with the conjunctival/urethral swab from the APTIMA® Unisex Swab Collection Kit
  4. Place the specimen swab (one swab only) into an appropriately labeled APTIMA® Unisex Swab Collection Kit
  5. Snap off the swab shaft at the score line or cut shaft to fit tube.
  6. Cap tube.
  7. Store and transport at room temperature (15-30°C).

Collection of Conjunctival Specimens


Revised: 1/27/2017

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