Bone Marrow Submission Guidelines

A. To receive a bone marrow interpretation, please submit the following:

  1. Bone marrow biopsy: (core, plug): Label with name, MRN, date and time.
  1. Bone marrow aspirate:
  1. Whole blood sample:

B. Flow Cytometry

One (1) sodium heparin tube with a minimum of 1 mL of bone marrow aspirate (see NOTE).

C. Cytogenetics

One (1) sodium heparin tube with 1 mL of bone marrow aspirate (see NOTE).

NOTE: Two (2) sodium heparin tubes are optimal if both flow cytometry and cytogenetic studies are requested. One (1) tube is acceptable if the collection is minimal. PLEASE CLEARLY INDICATE THAT ONLY ONE TUBE HAS BEEN SUBMITTED.

Special packaging and request forms are supplied along with each transport kit. If you have any questions regarding collection, processing, or transport, please call GML Client Services at 1-800-695-6491.

Reviewed: 9/8/2014


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